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In 2009, we designed and built a line of dough handling machines that featured a groundbreaking clean and unmistakable design; from those early successes has risen a new generation of dough dividers, unique not only in design but concept. No detail was left to chance, every facet has been taken into consideration in order to give you a reliable, safe and visually pleasing tool for achieving excellent results.

Welcome to the third generation of Vitella pastry and bread dough dividers.

Partnered with SIPAN since 2006

SIPAN is the Italian national consortium tasked with supporting and promoting worldwide the activity of associated companies in the bakery, pastry and pizza equipment industry.
Vitella Srl has been a member since 2006, among the very first in the industry to recognize the advantage of collaborating in the name of efficiency and effectiveness.


Dough handling machines have a long and celebrated tradition in this corner of Italy; Vitella Srl has successfully built on that heritage to gift modern bakers with machines that move beyond merely “getting the job done” and deliver instead a user experience that is wholly satisfying both for the quality of achieved results and, even more, for transforming this particular step of dough preparation into a fluid sequence. All wrapped in a compact and visually striking package.

Our research process begins with the client: we study on the field what bakeries of all sizes require from their machines, we examine their different workflows and processes. Only then, our development team can bring knowledge and ideas together in a coherent design project. If you would like to become one of our development partners and help us build ever better tools for your job, please contact us!
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