Mechanically driven machine. The step of pressing, cutting and end rounding is carried out with the levers of the forming chamber while the adjustment is made by means of a yoke with a numerical scale.
  • Basin
    divisions min weight gr max weight gr basin capacity kg head diameter mm hourly capacity pz/h
    11 180 500 5.5 400 1300
    15 150 360 5.5 400 1800
    18 120 280 5 400 2100
    22 60 220 5 400 2600
    30 40 135 4 400 3600
    36 34 110 4 400 4300
    30s 25 90 2.7 340 3600
    52 12 30 1.6 340 6200

  • Dimensions
  • Info

    To allow the machine to operate correctly and above all to ensure a long service life, we recommend regular cleaning, both inside and out (see operation manual, chapter/ paragraph on cleaning). The stainless steel parts, painted coatings, PE500 polyethylene and PETG plates can be cleaned simply using water and soap or a neutral detergent, then rinsed thoroughly and dried with a soft cloth.

    Frame in electro-welded, painted steel;
    Coating in painted steel or stainless steel.
    Basins in anticorodal aluminium MG5 with anodising;
    Knives and grids in stainless steel 304;
    Inner cover surface and presses in polyethylene for foodstuff use PE500;
    Plates in polyethylene for foodstuff use PETG;
    Ring in aluminium with chemical nickel-plating.

    All machines are provided standard for an operating voltage of 400 Volt 50 Hz 3-phase. Other voltages can be provided on request. All machines are in conformity with EC regulations and are manufactured in Italy.